Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diversity Training Presentation Slide Show and Feedback.

If your really want to transform your diverse teams in truly positive, exciting and powerful ways check out our Diversity Training! (Diversity Training Presentation Slide Show.)

Here is some recent feedback from Beekman Super Canopies.

16 July 2012

As a company we decided to use Celebrating Humanity as our provider for Diversity Training – in the Cape, KZN and Gauteng provinces.  And what a good choice that was.

Arthie and Brian Moore are absolutely amazing people who are able to bring out the best in people.  The manner in which they present the training is really practical and uplifting.  Our 411 employees thoroughly enjoyed the manner in which the interaction took place.  What a pleasure to hear the positive feedback from the employees.  Some wanted to attend the training again!

As a company we found that employees who never really had contact with one another were able to get first-hand information about one another as well as glimpse the world in which they live.

I would recommend Arthie and Brian Moore for any training that involves getting people to understand one another as well as one self.  The positive energy they bring into a room is electrifying and certainly makes all attendees come alive.

This training has really had a positive impact on all our employees and it shows within our company family.  Should a company make use of Celebrating Humanity, there will only be a positive outflow from contact with this amazing provider.

Yours faithfully


  1. Thanks for sharing the information on diversity training. Very helpful

  2. In addition, when employees work together, it creates unity, raises productivity and improves the bottom line. In order to achieve these results, organizations need to develop a more diversity-friendly culture. It’s important for employers to provide employees with the tools needed through training to understands, accept, and value differences of their coworkers.


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