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Save Money and Time, whilst building your teams - through Celebrating their wonderful diversities!

Even in tough times, the Dept. of Labour requires all companies to conduct diversity training. Yet these times require, more than ever, that companies build and motivate their teams. Celebrating Humanity ensures that you can do both!

The Consul General of the US Consulate, in Durban South Africa
described our Celebrating Humanity programme as:- "An unparalleled experience in cultural sensitization and team-building!"

Simply because you get both,
at the same time - a Services Seta registered Workplace Diversity Training programme- and a stunning Team Build, that actually builds teams, respect, accountability and unity!

Why pay for both, separately?

This is what the Consul General of the US Consulate, in Durban - South Africa, had to say:-

April 2009.

"On behalf of "Team U.S." from the U.S. Consulate General in Durban, I write to extend our appreciation to the entire Mthimkhulu team for an unparalleled experience in cultural sensitization and team-building!
The two-day session with Mthimkhulu made our diverse team stronger and more supportive of one another.

We have participated in team-building activities for the past several years, but many of my colleagues told me that Mthimkhulu's program was by far the most meaningful and most effective in fostering good communication, mutual respect, and a strong spirit of cooperation among our multi-cultural staff-- "exactly what was needed" in the words of one staff member.

I particularly appreciate your thoughtfulness and absolute dedication to Mthimkhulu's goal of “bringing change to the world,” which came across in all that you did, and made the session so worthwhile.

Your organization was selected to conduct our team-building in large measure because follow-through beyond the event is an integral part of your method.
We did not desire a once-off feel good event. You more than met our expectations, providing a kick-start and a path for us to engage in a fun but serious process of continually developing and nurturing our Consulate team.

I look forward to staying in contact with you and your team so that we can maintain the positive impact of our Mthimkhulu experience."

With sincere thanks and warm regards,

Jill Derderian,
Consul General,
Durban - South Africa.

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