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Dream Dynasty and Diversity Management in Schools.

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Brian V Moore – Managing Director
Celebrating Humanity International
The Dream Dynasty – Focusing on the Dream in Education

Aims of the Dream Dynasty
To build highly-prepared, well-supported, values-based and mentored dream-focused school leavers – who know what they want from life, know to get want they want and are determined to get it.
To create a safe and empowering learning environment in which learners, educators, support team and parents can grow and develop.
Some of the challenges for learners, who live without dreams or a vision.
  School is often something learners just have to do.
  •   Average or below average performance.
  •   They are focused on a “pass.” Anything above a failure will do just fine!
  •   They have low morale; little enthusiasm and commitment.
  •   Absenteeism, disrespect, bad attitudes are the norm.
  •   There is excessive bullying/ vandalism.
  •   Bored learners become fun seekers – often leading to chemical abuse, vandalism and mischief.
Resultant challenges for these school leavers
  •   They have no focus or direction.
  •   They will study anything that comes up. Whatever will keep their parents from complaining.
  •   Have no idea of what they want when job seeking, “Give me a job – any job.”
  •   Find themselves in dead-end jobs. (Something they just have to do, for money.)
  •   They become bored, demoralised and quarrelsome.
  •   The natural joy of life, power and creativity, that many of these young people have - becomes crushed.
We can change all of that, when we focus on their dreams. This brings an amazing and positive energy, that everyone can work with. We can then teach them easy-to-learn relationship, learning skills, negotiation skills that better them - in the pursuit of their dreams.

Together we can do it.

Managing Diverse Teams in Schools
The Celebrating Humanity Way.

Celebrating Humanity International has over 20 years experience in diversity training, team building and team conflict resolution.

The focus of this enjoyable, inclusive, participative, non-threatening and effective team unity building© programme is to develop professionalism, trust, motivation, understanding, communication, relationships, unity, accountability and respect within your client’s team.

Challenges in conflicted diverse teams

1.     Poor inter-team relationships.
2.     Gossiping
3.     Quarrelling/ Back stabbing
4.     Personality and culture clashes.
5.     Bad attitudes.
6.     Poor or no communication.
7.     Racism/ Prejudice
8.     Low morale and commitment.
Resultant challenges for learners in this unstable environment
1.     Bad Educator and Learner attitudes.
2.     Low morale and motivation.
3.     Uncontrolled bullying.
4.     Learner absenteeism.
5.     Below normal performance.
6.     Learners ill-prepared for life
The secret is to lead diversity – not manage it.
In closing
“Put people together in a way that will have them bouncing ideas off each other, befriending each other, and taking care of each other, and suddenly they are coming to you, not with gripes and problems, but with solutions and great ideas.”
- Richard Branson, in his book, Business Stripped Bare 

Brian V Moore

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